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The Adventure of Prophet Nuh (Noah) (AS): A Story Full of Wisdom, Miraculous Signs, and Valuable Lessons for Children


Prophet Nuh (AS), one of the 25 prophets and messengers believed in by the Islamic community, is renowned for the story of the great flood that befell his people. Those who were disobedient and unwilling to repent to Allah SWT faced a severe punishment. Prophet Nuh (AS) and his faithful followers built a massive ark to save themselves from this calamity.

The story of Prophet Nuh (AS) can be an excellent choice to be read to children as a bedtime story. This tale carries moral messages, virtues, and serves as a means to introduce Islamic teachings to them through an engaging narrative.

Story of Prophet Nuh (AS) and the Construction of the Ark

The story of Prophet Nuh (AS) and the building of the great ark is filled with wisdom. Allah SWT sent Prophet Nuh (AS) to guide his people, who were worshiping idols. Despite diligently preaching for 500 years, he gained only a few followers.

Allah SWT answered Prophet Nuh's prayers to grant guidance to his people. He and his faithful followers then constructed a large boat on a hill, despite mockery from their stubborn community. When the great flood arrived, Prophet Nuh (AS) and his followers entered the ark along with pairs of animals and plant seeds.

Heavy rain poured for 40 days and nights, floods inundated, and Prophet Nuh's (AS) ark became the only safe haven. After 150 days, the flood receded, and they began a new life in obedience to Allah. This story teaches about perseverance, prayer, and obedience to Allah's commands.

Tragic Tale of Kan'an, the Disobedient Son of Prophet Nuh

The tragic tale of Kan'an, Prophet Nuh's (AS) disobedient son, contains profound lessons about the consequences of disobedience and the importance of following Allah's guidance. Despite Prophet Nuh's (AS) efforts to guide him with love and care, Kan'an chose his own path, rejecting his father's advice and opting for his disobedient desires.

As the flood threatened, Prophet Nuh (AS) sorrowfully tried to save Kan'an, warning him of the consequences. However, arrogant and stubborn, Kan'an refused to abandon his wrongful desires.

As the flood spread, Kan'an found himself adrift on a piece of wood. Despite Prophet Nuh's (AS) continued attempts to save him, his invitation to board the ark was ignored. His decision to oppose his father's teachings and continue his journey alone towards the mountain, without clear reasons, had unfortunate consequences.

Unfortunately, the end of Kan'an's story was not favorable. He, along with those who opposed Allah's guidance, faced an unfavorable fate. Prophet Nuh (AS), experiencing deep sorrow, received consolation and a reminder from Allah SWT that his son's decision to oppose his teachings placed him among the disbelievers.

This story serves as a reminder of the importance of listening to Allah's guidance, obeying Him, and avoiding disobedient behavior. Through this narrative, values of wisdom, regret, and warnings about the consequences of wrong decisions are strongly reflected.

Additionally, Prophet Nuh (AS) had other remarkable miracles:

1.      The Great Flood: Prophet Nuh (AS) prayed to Allah SWT to send punishment to his disobedient people. Allah granted his prayer by sending a massive flood that covered the entire earth, except for the ark built by Prophet Nuh (AS).

2.      Parting of the Sea: When Prophet Nuh (AS) and his followers crossed the sea after the flood, Allah commanded him to strike the sea with his staff. As a result, the sea parted, creating a dry path for them to traverse the deep waters.

3.      Survival on the Ark: Prophet Nuh (AS) and his followers survived on the ark filled with various animals and plants during the flood. This miracle demonstrated Allah's power in protecting the ark and its contents during this extraordinary event.

4.      Salvation of Prophet Nuh's Family:Allah provided specific guidance to Prophet Nuh (AS) regarding his family, ensuring their salvation from the flood. This miracle emphasizes Allah's abundant mercy and compassion toward Prophet Nuh's family.

These miracles serve as evidence of Allah's power and magnificence, providing lessons about the importance of obedience to Him and adhering steadfastly to true teachings, as instructed by the prophets and messengers.

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