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The story of Prophet Musa (AS): A Life and Miracles that Inspire in Islam

Prophet Musa (AS), a prophet and messenger sent to the Children of Israel, has a life story filled with valuable lessons for the Islamic community. His primary task was to guide the Children of Israel out of Egypt, and his journey became a moral and spiritual foundation for the Islamic community.

Prophet Musa lived around 1572-1408 BC and was appointed as a prophet around 1450 BC. Interestingly, he was the son-in-law of Prophet Shu'aib, marrying Shu'aib's daughter named Shafura. From this marriage, Prophet Musa had four children, including Prophet Ilyas, adding a family dimension to his life story.

The miracles bestowed upon Prophet Musa also serve as a focal point in the faith of the Islamic community. From his staff transforming into a serpent to the parting of the Red Sea and receiving the Taurat as divine revelation, these miracles are evidence of Allah's power and the deep connection between a servant and his Lord.

The story of Prophet Musa (AS) provides inspiration regarding resilience, justice, and faith in facing trials. Throughout his life journey, Prophet Musa taught moral values and ethics that remain relevant and serve as a foundation for the Islamic community in their daily lives.

Story of Prophet Musa (AS)

Prophet Musa (AS), from his miraculous birth to his crucial role in guiding the Children of Israel and confronting Pharaoh's oppression, has a captivating and wisdom-filled life story.

Miraculous Birth

Prophet Musa was born during a time when male infants of the Children of Israel were ordered to be killed by Pharaoh. Through Allah's miracle, his mother successfully concealed Musa's pregnancy, and upon his birth, he was discovered by Pharaoh's queen. This marked the beginning of Prophet Musa's extraordinary journey.

Found by Pharaoh's Wife

Musa's basket floated on the Nile and was found by Asiyah, Pharaoh's wife. Despite Pharaoh's intention to kill the baby, Asiyah persuaded him to adopt Musa as their own. Musa grew up to be a wise and strong young man.

Adulthood and Miracles

Allah granted wisdom and knowledge to Prophet Musa in his adulthood, making him a messenger. His miracles, such as the staff turning into a serpent, served as signs of Allah's power.

Conflict in Egypt

Prophet Musa became entangled in a conflict with Pharaoh after accidentally killing an Egyptian. Allah guided him to leave Egypt, and he reached the land of Midian, where he married and worked.

Marriage and Service to Prophet Shu'aib

Prophet Musa married the daughter of Prophet Shu'aib and worked for him for ten years, showcasing patience and perseverance.

Preaching and Resistance in Egypt

Upon returning to Egypt, Prophet Musa preached to Pharaoh to repent and free the Children of Israel. Despite displaying miracles, Pharaoh remained stubborn.

Torture and Escape

Pharaoh intensified the persecution, even though his wife, Asiyah, embraced Musa's religion. The torture became brutal, leading Prophet Musa and his followers to escape. The story of Prophet Musa (AS) underscores the importance of faith, resilience in the face of difficulties, and the boundless power of Allah.

Miracles of Prophet Musa (AS)

1.      Staff transforming into a serpent: Demonstrated to Pharaoh as a sign of Allah's oneness.

2.      Glowing hand: Musa displayed this miracle, where his initially black hand turned radiant white, as a sign of the truth of his message.

3.      Parting of the sea with the staff: Allah commanded Musa to strike his staff, parting the sea for the Children of Israel to cross on dry land.

4.      Revelation of the Taurat: Musa received the divine revelation of the Taurat on Mount Sinai, serving as guidance for his people.

5.      Reviving the dead: With Allah's guidance, Musa restored life to a slain person by striking him with a piece of a sacrificed cow.

These miracles reinforced Prophet Musa's mission and stood as signs of the greatness of Allah SWT.

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