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Fable: The Loyalty of the Little Caterpillar in the Eyes of Prophet David


On a day filled with solemnity, Prophet David, renowned for being Allah's messenger and the recipient of the Zabur (Psalms), was immersed in the sacred readings inside a small mosque. While deeply contemplating the verses entrusted to him, his gaze fell upon a tiny caterpillar in his vicinity. With a profound awareness of Allah's creations, Prophet David was undisturbed by the presence of the caterpillar. Instead, with gentleness and kindness, he chose to relocate the caterpillar to a safer place without disrupting his concentration on reading the Zabur. This action reflected not only his obedience to Allah but also his compassion and care for Allah's creation.

Continuing to be fascinated by the wonders Allah displayed, Prophet David felt increased respect and curiosity about the life he had considered trivial until then. With a sense of awe, he asked the little caterpillar, "O tiny caterpillar, has Allah provided specific guidance regarding your worship? Is there deeper wisdom and benefit in Allah's command?"

The little caterpillar sincerely replied, "Yes, O prophet of Allah. Allah has given this guidance as a test and an opportunity to draw closer to Him. By earnestly performing this worship, I feel peace in my heart and closeness to His mercy. Allah desires all His creatures to always remember and be grateful to Him in every small step of life."

Prophet David became more inspired by the simplicity and obedience of the little caterpillar, realizing that every creation of Allah has a role and meaning in fulfilling its predetermined destiny. In his heart, he vowed to delve deeper into Allah's wisdom and to perform worship with sincerity and profound gratitude.

In the quietness of the mosque that once again filled the space, Prophet David felt touched by the awareness that approached him. Gently, he conveyed to the little caterpillar, "Wise companion, I acknowledge that I have erred and underestimated Allah's greatness in creating you. Forgive me, and I am grateful to Allah for enlightening me through your presence."

The humble caterpillar replied, "There is no need for you to seek forgiveness, O prophet of Allah. Allah created us in various forms and sizes, yet His greatness accompanies every creature. I only wish to convey that every creature has the potential to draw closer to Him, without exception."

Hearing the words of the little caterpillar, Prophet David felt compelled to share the wisdom he gained. "My fellow being," he said, "what Allah expects from you and from all of us is sincerity of heart, sincerity in worship, and compassion for others. We must respect and learn from every creature, no matter how small, as they contain the wonders of His creation."

The little caterpillar listened attentively, and in the silence of the mosque, the sound of remembrance (dhikr) filled the space once more. This time, it wasn't only Prophet David but also the little caterpillar, together praising and worshiping the Creator.

The story of Prophet David and the caterpillar holds valuable lessons. It teaches the importance of appreciating every creature of Allah while reflecting on our mistakes when underestimating or belittling others. Moreover, when we make mistakes, the wise step is to seek forgiveness from Allah and surrender ourselves entirely to Him. This story serves as a reminder to always maintain awareness of Allah's greatness and wisdom in every aspect of life.

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