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The Story of Prophet Adam, the First Human, and the Rebel Iblis


One of the intriguing tales among the 25 Prophet Stories in Islam is the story of Prophet Adam, the first human created by Allah SWT. According to hadiths, Allah created Prophet Adam from a handful of clay taken from the entire surface of the earth. This creation process resulted in human variations, including skin color, characteristics, and personalities. After the creation of Prophet Adam, Allah commanded all the heavenly beings to prostrate to Him. They obeyed except Iblis, who arrogantly refused, considering himself superior to Prophet Adam. Due to his rebellion, Iblis was expelled from paradise and cursed until the Day of Judgment.

It is essential to note that Allah's commands must be followed without hesitation, and rebellion leads to destruction. Iblis, as humanity's adversary, vowed to mislead Prophet Adam and his descendants as retribution. This story contains lessons about obedience, arrogance, and the consequences of rebellion against Allah's commands, which should serve as a guide for Muslims.

The Presence of Hawwa (Eve)

The struggle of Prophet Adam and Hawwa against Allah's prohibition reveals humanity's vulnerability to temptations and the tendency to violate clear guidance. Despite living in the prosperity of paradise, they faced their first test, determining the course of their life on Earth.

The temptation from Iblis, who refused to prostrate to humans, illustrates the constant enemy of humanity, always striving to mislead and distance them from Allah's guidance. This event reminds us of the importance of being vigilant against the temptations and deceptions of Satan in our daily lives.

Iblis's mischief, enticing with false promises, serves as a reminder that desires and worldly temptations can often cloud human thinking and sound judgment. This story teaches the importance of guarding the heart and obeying Allah's guidance as an expression of obedience and love for Him.

Despite the violation, this story also shows that Allah is Most Compassionate and Most Forgiving. After Prophet Adam and Hawwa realized their mistake, they humbled themselves and repented. Allah, in His mercy, accepted their repentance, granted forgiveness, and set the guidance for human life on Earth.

Thus, this story is not just a tale of mistakes but also of repentance, forgiveness, and Allah's guidance ever-present to guide humans at every step of their lives. May we draw valuable lessons from the story of Prophet Adam and Hawwa to draw closer to Allah and live in accordance with His guidance.

Prophet Adam and Hawwa Expelled from Paradise

The story of Prophet Adam and Hawwa is rich with wisdom and lessons. After being expelled from paradise as a consequence of eating the forbidden fruit, Prophet Adam and Hawwa found themselves on Earth. Despite being separated from paradise, Allah SWT provided them with a dwelling place and pleasures on Earth as His mercy.

In Allah's decision, Prophet Adam and Hawwa experienced imperfection and conflicts among fellow humans. Allah declared that some humans would be enemies to others, and the Earth became a temporary dwelling until the appointed time.

Remorse and awareness of their mistakes continued to grow in the hearts of Prophet Adam and Hawwa. In humility, they prostrated before Allah, seeking forgiveness and repentance. Prophet Adam uttered a sincere prayer of repentance, acknowledging his mistakes and limitations.

Allah, as the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful, accepted the repentance of Prophet Adam. His words in Surah Al-A'raf, verse 23, signify the greatness of His mercy. Prophet Adam and Hawwa experienced forgiveness and learned that repentance is the door to happiness and Allah's mercy. rom this story, the Muslim community can learn the importance of repenting when making mistakes. Allah is always open to forgiving His sincere servants. The opportunity to return to paradise is not permanently closed, as long as our hearts sincerely seek forgiveness and strive to improve. May this story inspire us to always draw closer to Allah through genuine repentance.

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