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The Miracle in the Grassland: A Shepherd's Tale of Wolves, Proximity to Judgment Day

In that grassland, a shepherd diligently cared for and tended to his flock of goats. One day, under the shade of a tree, the shepherd decided to take a brief rest. While resting, the shepherd noticed an old man approaching. The old man seemed wise, and his face radiated peace. Politely, the old man greeted the shepherd and sat beside him. The old man began inquiring about the shepherd's life and how he diligently cared for his goats. The shepherd shared his daily routine, responsibilities towards the goats, and how crucial the job was to him.

The old man then said, "Shepherd, can you do something for me?" The shepherd sincerely replied, "Of course, what can I do for you?" The old man smiled and said, "When you graze these goats, can you convey that Allah loves His servant who is diligent in performing his duties?"

The shepherd was surprised by the request but felt moved and agreed to convey the message to his goats. Since that day, every time the shepherd prepared to take his goats to the grassland, he reminded them of Allah's love for those who are diligent.

However, one day, the shepherd faced a trial when a wolf successfully attacked one of the stray sheep. Not staying idle, the shepherd, responsible for hundreds of goats and sheep, immediately pursued the wolf, brandishing a stick as a warning.

The targeted sheep, being plump, made it difficult for the wolf to carry it away. With determination and courage, the shepherd managed to force the sheep out of the ferocious wolf's grasp.

The shepherd's success made him contemplate the miracle behind the trial he faced. He pondered, "Is there anything more astonishing than a talking wolf?"

Then, the wolf, now deprived of its prey, spoke loudly, "O human, why are you so unjust? Allah has designated that sheep as my sustenance for today. Why did you take it away from me?"

Surprised and amazed, the shepherd couldn't hide his astonishment. The wolf continued, "You should know, there is something more astonishing than a talking wolf." The shepherd asked in wonder, "What is it?"

With great wisdom, the wolf recounted the story of a Prophet and Messenger sent by Allah SWT to the entire universe, Prophet Muhammad (SAW), who conveyed the teachings of Islam. The wolf emphasized that this story is one of the signs of the approaching Judgment Day.

Inspired by this tale, the shepherd decided to go to Madinah to seek the truth. After a long journey, he finally arrived at the Masjid Nabawi and had the privilege of meeting Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in person. With unwavering conviction, the shepherd shared his extraordinary journey to Madinah. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) confirmed the truth of the story, stating that such signs are indications of the nearing Judgment Day.

The shepherd, inadvertently losing a sheep to a wolf, created an extraordinary event. When the wolf attacked the loose sheep, the shepherd, full of courage, attempted to scare the wolf away with his stick. Despite the bulky body of the sheep making it difficult for the wolf to carry it away, the fearless shepherd boldly pulled the sheep from the wolf's grip.

This incident became a fascinating and surprising tale. The shepherd, astonished that a wolf could speak to a human, decided to seek further explanation. He embarked on a challenging journey to Madinah to meet Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Upon reaching Madinah, the shepherd shared his story with Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet, wise and knowledgeable, explained that such events are signs of the approaching Judgment Day. This reflects the greatness of Allah and the miracles of His creation, capable of revealing signs of His greatness through His creatures.

From this story, we can learn about the miracles of Allah's creation and the importance of believing in Him, preparing ourselves for the final day with awareness and piety. It serves as a reminder that signs of Allah's greatness can appear in unexpected forms, and steadfast faith will guide us through every trial. Wallahualam.

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